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    Webinar: Hearing at the Brain-Machine Interface

    This presentation provides an overview on the cochlear implant as an example of the successful integration of biotechnology with the neural sciences, which has changed the lives of people with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. The cochlear implant is a transformative technology that converts sound information into nerve impulses to stimulate the cochlea creating the sensation of sound.

    This webinar features examples of what sounds like with a cochlear implant.

    It was originally presented as part of the Australian Hearing Hub’s Macquarie Minds Showcase at Macquarie University in December 2016.

    Duration: 10 mins.

    2016 Macquarie Minds Showcase

    The 2016 Macquarie Minds Showcase brought together a compelling group of visionaries, researchers and experts across diverse fields with Macquarie University, for a two-day event to showcase their research and teaching expertise to the public.

    The Australian Hearing Hub hosted four breakout sessions on hearing loss as part of this showcase. These sessions, in which this webinar was presented, examined the impact of hearing loss on individuals and the technologies currently available to manage it.


    There is no quiz or Certificate of Completion for this webinar.

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