Remote_mappingThis module explains the procedures, processes and technologies needed to carry out remote cochlear implant mapping. Content contained in this module is based on outcomes from two HEARing CRC research projects led by researchers Colleen Psarros (RIDBC) and Emma Rushbrooke (Hear and Say), which assessed and validated the ability of internet technologies to facilitate and deliver remote cochlear implant mapping compared to face-to-face mapping sessions.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this module are:

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of teleaudiology in relation to cochlear implant mapping;
  • Identify equipment suitable for conducting cochlear implant mapping over the internet; and;
  • Troubleshoot and implement strategies to ensure remote cochlear implant mapping can be conducted.
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Colleen Psarros (above) is based at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, Colleen has spent the last 25 years working in the field of cochlear implantation as a speech pathologist and audiologist. She has worked extensively with cochlear implant recipients of all ages and has a particular interest in teleaudiology and working with hearing impaired children who have additional needs.


Emma Van Wanrooy (above) is an audiologist with the Sydney Cochlear Implant Clinic with extensive experience in the assessment and (re)habilitation of children and adults, including managing patients with hearing aids and cochlear implant recipients. She has also worked as a researcher at the National Acoustic Laboratories.